Elaine Kauffmann

Throughout the years Elaine Kauffmann’s main focus has been able to help others in achieving their dreams and goals. To further that mission, she has attended seminars and courses with Tony Robbins and his Complete Mastery and Business Seminars, Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Estate Investor/Finance Courses, Tom Hopkins’ How to Master the Art of Selling Anything. As a Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing she has been able to sell multimillion condos. She also knows how to sell one of the biggest investments: your house. Her advertising background helps you sell it faster. 

For 17 years, Elaine worked as a Sales Executive in El Nuevo Día, newspaper in Puerto Rico. Some of her clients where Health Plans, Plastic Surgeons, Travel Agencies and more. As a sales executive, Elaine closely formed and created with clients a Media Plan to help them reach their sales objectives; her art background has helped her direct artists for their ads. 

An investor herself, Elaine has been working closely with investors from South America and Europe, getting them outstanding returns. She also assists investors interested in wholesales and rehabbing properties. 

She can sit down with you and create a social and media plan to sell, buy or rent your invest.